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wood / glass / ceramic / marble / metal / rubber working

Neomec, the customized technology

We design and manufacture systems and industrial machinery for high quality solutions.

Specialization in several productive sectors has allowed Neomec to become a technological partner with an effective international commercial presence, obtaining esteem from Italian customers and throughout the world.

Since 1996 to present

Neomec was founded in 1996 by Alberto Barilari and Antonio Rotondo as a mechanical enginnering company of industrial machines; over the years its main activity has become the realization of automatic systems and machinery suitable for handling, transport, assembly, packaging and finishing of products in different sectors such as wood, glass, ceramic, marble, rubber and plastics.

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From Pesaro in the world

Neomec is located in Pesaro, an industrial district in the center of Italy, leader in the production of machines for industrial processing in different sectors.
In its plant with its skilled team, Neomec designs, industrializes, realizes, tests customized machines according to the specific requirements of the final customer; it also provides support and products to partner companies for the completion of their production lines.

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Customer service and remote assistance

Neomec supplies equipment and automation for the improvement of production cycles with technical consulting and personalized proposals, construction, supply, assembly and testing, ensuring training, service, tele-assistance, and spare parts all over the world.
Not only tailored technology for mechanics and industrial automation, but also anthropomorphic robots for different applications.

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Neomec products

Automation of production cycles, handling, transport and applications, dedicated to your product, always with customized solutions.

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Automatic systems
special applications

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