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automatic systems for

handling, transport, overturning, loading

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Handling equipment

Brio _ Bridge mover for low capacity loads

Brio is an automatic bridge mover with two controlled axes for handling products – panels, packs, sheets, etc., in particular – in the wood, glass, packaging and other sectors, by using appropriate gripping members with which it may be equipped.


Automatic collection and depositing from one or more source stations to one or more target stations, according to the required operating logics.


Brio is particularly fit to be used on production lines as a loading or unloading device for panels, profiles, packs, etc. It is mainly applied for interlocking squaring, edging, spraying, packaging, assembly, quality control lines, and in general where a low weight product handling, at low or average speed, is requested.

  • High utilisation flexibility with maximum reliability
  • Simple and sturdy mechanism, sliding on nylon wheels
  • Maximum noiseless operation
  • Maintenance is reduced to the minimum
  • Maximum attention to operator’s safety
  • Maximum output against a moderate investment

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