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Upset-B-PI _ Barrel overturner for panel stacks

Upset-B-PI is a “barrel tipper”, so defined, for its shape and operation; it is made with a structure rotating on two parallel rings, containing two overlapped rollerways, one of which is vertically movable and equipped with a special comb to support the stack laterally.


The stack of panels is entered into the overturner and placed in the middle lengthwise of its own inner rollerway: a lateral support comb gets close to the side of the stack and the rotation will start; the stack is against the lateral comb.
After overturning the stack and opening of the comb, the pile is against the opposite rollerway, which is now placed below and ready to be removed from the tipper (the different phases can be more or less automated according to the necessary applications being required).


Upset-B-PI is generally used for overturning of stacks on painting or drilling lines when high prodicutivity is required such as when pieces can’t be turned singly during the processing.

  • High quality of construction
  • Strong and reliable mechanics
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High productivity
  • Utmost care in safety of the operator

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